Queal Around The World

Queal can be found all around the world. Many have taken it on adventures and travels. And more people are discovering Queal, from Japan to Ecuador. Show us where you've used Queal around the world.
Let us know and we’ll post your awesome snap right here!

Skating on the coast of Croatia with Queal

Perfect for those days when you're traveling around. Maybe there is no shop around, but you certainly won't go hungry.

A picture of Queal on the coast of Croatia
Picture by: Mitja Skuver
Location: Crikvenica-Jadranovo, Croatia

A chilled Queal on the snowy slopes of Sweden

We don't know if this picture was taken right in the morning or just before the après-ski. But we know a Queal would be perfect in both instances.

A picture of Queal in the snow
Picture by: Benas Burovas
Location: Åre, Sweden

GO-ing to the mountains with the GO bar

Lieke always had an easy meal with her on the slopes of Austria. The energy of the bars could keep her going for hours and was the perfect meal to get onto the slopes faster than anyone else.

A picture of GO bar in the snow
Picture by: Lieke van Wilpen
Location: Ischgl, Austria

Hiking through Iceland with Queal

Kelly tried Queal during an itinerant hike in Iceland (the kind where you carry everything on your back and getting a light, full of energy and convenient meal is trully appreciated!). She and her partner used it for breakfast as well as for dessert: extra calories are very welcomed during an intensive hike, and their usual noodles meals are not that great for bringing all the necessary nutrients.

A picture of Queal in Iceland
Picture by: Kelly Floch
Location: Landmannalaugar, Iceland

On the other side of the globe, with a beautiful view of the Door River in Tokyo

Nowadays you can find Queal everywhere around the world. Queal is sold everywhere from Rotterdam, The Netherlands to Tokyo, Japan.

A picture of Queal in Japan
Picture by: Fernando Tarin
Location: Tokyo, Japan

The elephants in Namibia were curious about the WundrBar

To get to 70.000 calories per day, an elephant would need to eat 164 WundrBars.

WundrBar and Elephant
Picture by: Désirée Veer
Location: Etosha National Park, Namibia

Fun in the sun with some WundrBars in the Caribbean

When Vincent went on vacation he wanted to have a healthy snack (compensating for some cocktails maybe). The WundrBars delivered.

A picture of WundrBar on the beach
Picture by: Vincent Tineo
Location: Samana, Dominican Republic

Queal is also perfect for hiking

We got send this picture after an amazing hiking vacation on the Artic Circle Trail. It once again shows in how many situations complete meals can be very useful.

A picture of Queal on the Articl Circle Trail
Picture by: Martynas Jočys
Location: Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland

At more than 3km height and no shops for 100km around, this was the perfect lunch

Even on vacation, our very own Floris is eating Queal. Hours on a bus from one side of Ecuador to the other, or when exploring the countryside, a quick meal always comes in handy.

A picture of WundrBar on a hike in Ecuador
Picture by: Floris Wolswijk
Location: Cajas National Park, Ecuador

What about some fish-flavoured Queal?

Although we don't have any pictures of Queal on Antarctica yet, we're looking forward to the first person bringing some there!

A picture of WundrBar on the beach
Picture by: Skipper
Location: Vostok Research Station, Antarctica